Are Vaccines Safe? Exposing the Dangers of Vaccines

dangers of vaccines

Are vaccines safe? It seems every other day we hear about a new vaccine on the market in the United States. In countries where babies are dying from starvation, the US is quick to rush in vaccines. Instead, better nutrition and clean water might go further in disease prevention. Babies are introduced to more vaccines in their first year of life than types of food. Doctors advise presenting foods slowly for fear of allergy development. At the same time, they tell us it’s safe to inject numerous toxins, chemicals, and pathogens. Within hours of your baby’s first breath, he or she will get a vaccine. Furthermore, your child will receive a staggering 49 doses of vaccines all before the tender age of six. In this article, we will expose the dangers of vaccines and dispel the disinformation authorities propagate regarding vaccine safety.

More Vaccines Equals More Disease

Along with a record number of recommended vaccines for children to attend public school, there is a coinciding rise in allergies, autism, diabetes, cancer, and other chronic illness. This inflation in disease among our children raises concerns for an increasing number of parents and authorities.

In fact, the concerns surrounding vaccine safety prompted rumors that President Donald Trump was involved in forming a Vaccine Safety Commission in the White House. But why now? Grandma told you she got her vaccines and she turned out fine right?

In all probability, you, like your grandmother, are vaccinated. Chances are, you will consider vaccinating your own children.  However, the average child today receives many more vaccines than you or your parents did. In fact, kids today receive about twelve times that of children in 1940, and Grandma, well, she only got a couple. Are vaccines safe in the quantity given today?are vaccines safe

We Don’t Question Authority

From school teachers to main stream media (MSM), to billboard signs to your very own doctors, you see and hear plenty of positive messages about why you should vaccinate yourselves and your children. Most of us trust authority and don’t question it. We learn to do this as small children. It starts at home and continues in our education. We are encouraged to conform and accept authority. So why question are vaccines safe?

Everyone vaccinates right? You hear your whole life that vaccines prevent disease and save lives. But do you know about the many dangers of vaccines your doctor may not be telling you? Your doctor may have never read a vaccine package insert. Thus, he or she may not be aware of the many dangers and side effects of vaccines.

In addition, medical doctors also rarely question authority. Oftentimes, the mainstream media call doctors who do question vaccines quacks. Furthermore, doctors fear they will lose their medical licenses, or have their careers ruined like Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

The Wakefield Saga

In 1998, a study was published in the Lancet by Dr. Wakefield. This peer-reviewed study suggests a link between the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine, bowel disease, and autism.  The study recommends further research to rule out a vaccine/autism link. A smear campaign ensued almost immediately following Wakefield’s study. How dare anyone recommend more studies, right? As you can imagine, when the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the media make an example out of someone like this doctor, it discourages speaking out against the dangers of vaccines.

In addition, doctors receive a minimal amount of training regarding vaccinations.  In med school, they are busy cramming huge amounts of information into their brains, swallowing up everything in their textbooks as bible.

Pediatricians learn how to distribute the recommended vaccine schedule. They learn vaccines are safe and effective. Therefore, medical doctors pass down federal law and don’t question the dangers of vaccines until such time a patient dies or has a bad reaction.

How can your doctor inform you about the dangers of vaccines or answer the question, “are vaccines safe” when they are not discussing this in their training or education? The bigger question is, why aren’t medical schools teaching doctors about the dangers of vaccines? Could it be because Big Pharma donates millions of dollars to medical schools?

Most doctors continue to accept every new vaccine that comes on the market. Thus, the US vaccine schedule has exploded.

US Distributes Most Vaccines

The US is the most vaccinated country in the world. We have three times the amount of vaccines here than in some other industrialized countries. Are Americans so much more at risk of disease they need that many more vaccines? Perhaps it has less to do with our health and more to do with profit.

Furthermore, despite having the most vaccines and the most expensive “healthcare”, we are the sickest nation. In fact, we have one of the the highest infant mortality rates of any industrialized country. Are vaccines safe if more babies die in the US than in some third world countries?

dangers of vaccinesLegislation that benefits the health of the population rarely, if ever, is introduced, and yet, bills mandating more and more vaccines monopolize the senate. The health of Americans is steadily declining with a coinciding rise in auto-immune disease and cancer. Chronic illness plagues over half our children. One in five is learning disabled. Vaccines can cause these problems. Educate yourself about the dangers of vaccines before deciding to vaccinate.are vaccines safe


Dangers of Vaccines Destroying Health

For the first time in history, our children won’t live as long as we will. It’s now commonplace for our schools to have cabinets crammed full of medication. Epipens, inhalers, diabetes, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), and seizure medications, are just a few. These medications treat side effects of vaccinesAny vaccine package insert validates the many side effects and disorders vaccines cause.

Due to the rise in autism and anxiety disorders, thousands of children, teens, and even toddlers take dangerous psychotropic medications. Are vaccines safe? Read an insert. Ask yourself why our children are on so many prescriptions drugs.

Obviously, modern medicine is failing. Healthy people don’t need medication. It’s time to question everything and get our health back. It’s time to be allowed to question. Let’s put the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the hot seat for a change and expose the dangers of vaccines.

CDC Has Some Questions to Answer

Vaccination is a medical procedure that involves known and unknown risks and side effects. As mentioned above, the package label states many of these effects. What’s listed on the package insert is enough to prompt any thinking parent to question vaccination. Yet, despite these questions, parents are losing more and more rights.

The CDC continues to tout vaccines are “safe and effective“, but are they? One of the many dangers of vaccines and a concern for a growing number of parents is autism. The CDC will not listen to parent’s demands for further autism research. The fact that the CDC refuses to even discuss the dangers of vaccines should be a red flag.

Since when is the case closed on any drug when it comes to safety— especially when laws require these drugs for our children to attend school? It seems commonplace to hear of a new drug claiming the lives of people, only to be recalled by the same agency that once deemed it “safe and effective”.

It’s time we demand THEY (CDC) answer the question, “Are vaccines safe?” with independent science. Science that is not bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry. Many conflicts of interest exist at the CDC. In addition, a revolving door remains between the CDC and the pharmaceutical companies.

Revolving Door Between CDC and Pharma

In fact, the former head of the CDC, Julie Gerberding, is now president at Merck. This is but one example. Please refer to our article on government corruption for a deeper look at the corruption in the vaccine industry. The CDC owns patents on vaccines. They are basically a vaccine company. The CDC stating vaccines are “safe and effective” is like a tobacco company saying it’s safe to smoke. Can you imagine if tobacco companies had the power to mandate everyone to  smoke?

Until the CDC can answer with independent studies that vaccines do not cause autism, states need to stop passing laws mandating these drugs. Furthermore, until the CDC produces studies that vaccinated people are overall healthier, and that the ridiculous amount of vaccines on their recommended schedule is safe, they should stop forcing dangerous products on the public.

Dangerous Vaccine Legislation

With recent bills introduced across America to remove philosophical and religious reasons not to vaccinate, the vaccine safety debate is at an all-time high. In 2017, there are over a hundred bills in the senate regarding vaccination. Last year, the state of California passed the highly controversial Senate Bill 277 (SB 277). SB 277 is a bill that removes all exemptions from vaccination except medical. Medical exemptions are very difficult to obtain and have to be written by a medical doctor. The CDC guidelines for these exemptions are serious reactions such as anaphylactic shock. If your child has febrile seizures following vaccination, that may not be enough to get a medical exemption. Despite thousands of parental protests at the Capitol in Sacramento, lawmakers pushed forward against the will of people and passed SB 277 anyway.

Authorities Have History of Promoting Poison

Despite hundreds of independent studies suggesting a link between autism and vaccines, CDC continues to deny a link, much like the tobacco companies did before they finally admitted smoking causes cancer. Before that admission, hundreds of doctors and scientists said it was safe and even beneficial to smoke. They even encouraged pregnant women to smoke for an easier childbirth!

Our trusted government officials and “doctors and scientists” have been wrong before, and not just on smoking. It wasn’t that long ago that lead paint was “safe”, and DDT (a commonly used pesticide in the 70s)  was touted as good for you. Parents were even encouraged to spray their children’s lunches with DDT.

There were commercials, ads in magazines and on television convincing you how safe and good these things were. Sound familiar?

CDC Fraud

Look, Scientific fraud happens. Politicians can be bought. Money talks. However, there are over a dozen CDC scientists coming forward exposing fraud regarding a vaccine/autism study. That study shows a substantial increase in autism when vaccines are given according to the recommended schedule.

It all started with senior CDC scientist, Dr. William Thompson. These whistle blowers admit to watering down data in this study to minimize the association with vaccines and autism. The CDC even held a secret meeting to destroy thousands of documents! This recent knowledge, further raises our concerns regarding the dangers of vaccines.

In addition to whistle blowers, hundreds of thousands of parents the world over claim they know vaccines caused or triggered the autism in their child. How do you think these parents would answer the question, are vaccines safe? Apparently, for their children, they weren’t safe at all. When you consider the vaccine additives, you may agree they aren’t safe for your children either.

What’s in a Vaccine?

Vaccines contain harmful ingredients and adjuncts such as Thimerosal (a mercury-containing organic compound), aluminum, aborted fetal cells, animal DNA, contaminants, and harmful preservatives. These chemicals and toxins make vaccines dangerous. There are no studies showing it’s safe to inject mercury.

In February 2017, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and actor Robert Dinero, offered $100,000 to any person who can produce a single study showing mercury is safe when injected into the human body. As of the time of this article, there are no takers.

The CDC claims to have removed “most” of the mercury from childhood vaccines. They are, however, still using thimerosal in the manufacturing of pediatric vaccines; they then remove “most” of the mercury, leaving only “trace amounts”. At the same time, they started administering mercury-containing flu shots to pregnant mothers and increased the amount of aluminum in vaccines.

Again, there is no safe level of mercury established for injection into the human body. As stated, there is not a single study anywhere that shows mercury is safe, even in trace amounts. CDC continues to recommend mercury-containing flu shots for babies as young as six months, and encourages pregnant mothers to take the flu shot as well.

Furthermore, there is not ONE STUDY proving it’s safe to inject pregnant mothers with vaccines. It’s stated right on the vaccine insert.

Despite these known toxins in vaccines, the CDC continues to tell the public vaccines are safe. But, are vaccines safe? The truth is, there are many dangers of vaccines and they actually have some pretty staggering side effects.

Vaccine Injuries Under-reported

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System’s (VAERS) is a database of reported vaccine injuries. If you have an injury to report, be sure and visit this website where you will find more adverse reactions reported, including deaths. A quick visit to this website will point out the many dangers of vaccines.

It’s important to note here that less than 10% of cases ever get reported due to doctors’ hesitancy to blame the vaccine. In addition, doctors and nurses most often will not tell you about VAERS. Of the injuries that do get reported, 4 out of 5 are dismissed, leaving parents with vaccine injured children no where to turn.

Furthermore, doctors look high and low for a cause other than vaccines. Medical school  indoctrinates them that vaccines are safe and effective. It is very likely some of their professors work for drug companies, holding high positions in the pharmaceutical industry.

In addition, med schools also receive huge grants from pharmaceutical companies and members often sit on the boards at the colleges.

Hundreds of Studies Show Dangers of Vaccines

What most doctors may not be researching in med school is vaccine safety. There are hundreds of research studies from the US National Library of Medicine regarding the dangers of vaccines. Visit our source and reference page to check out these studies. Read through these studies and then ask yourself again, “are vaccines safe“?

Even though doctors are hesitant to report dangers of vaccines, they still report thousands of serious vaccine reactions each year (CDC is source) including hundreds of deaths and permanent disabilities.

As stated above, many go unreported and unrecognized, and even if reported, the pharmaceutical companies are never held responsible.

Vaccine Makers Bear Zero Liability

In 1986, the supreme court ruled in Bruesewitz v. Wyeth, that vaccines are considered an “unavoidably unsafe” product. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) was enacted in October of 1988. The NVICP is a federal no fault system set up to compensate individuals who’ve been injured or killed by vaccines. To date, over 3.5 Billion has been settled in court cases.

In addition to the NVICP being established, pharmaceutical companies were given indemnity and thus bear no liability. Because of the dangers of vaccines, more and more people are being injured and killed and tax-payers are footing the bill. Yes, that’s right, YOU pay for these wrong doings, not the pharmaceutical companies. You cannot sue the maker of the vaccine.

Are vaccines safe? If they were, don’t you think the pharmaceutical companies would stand behind them?

Vaccines are not safe, if they were, VAERS and the  (NVICP)  WOULD NOT EXIST, nor would the fund for vaccine victims have grown to almost $3.5 Billion.

If vaccines are safe, then why have the courts ruled they are not? In addition, why did your government pass a law shielding pharmaceutical companies from being held liable for faulty vaccines? If you aren’t convinced there are dangers of vaccines yet, keep reading.

 Vaccines Not Tested Properly

vaccines aren't tested

The above-mentioned problems associated with vaccines should lead these companies to conduct stringent testing; however, quite the opposite is true. Vaccines are categorized as biologics and thus, are not held to the same standard of testing as other drugs.

For example, vaccines are not studied for long-term safety or toxicity. Many studies are limited to just a few weeks. For instance, when a vaccine is tested, it is given to healthy people and they are only given that one injection (not multiple injections at once, like a baby).

Therefore, the current CDC recommended schedule has never been tested. In essence, it is an experiment.

In addition, the CDC refuses to research the health of vaccinated people vs. unvaccinated people. Would such research show that those who are unvaccinated are not plagued with auto-immunity, autism and cancer? 

Unvaccinated people actually tend to tout the best health and have some of the longest life expectancy. Unvaccinated Christian Scientists are great examples. 

Furthermore, such a study might blow the lid off the CDC’s covert, profit driven vaccine agenda. As stated above, CDC owns patents to vaccines and there is a revolving door between CDC and pharma; how can they possibly be unbiased?

CDC ia a vaccine company

In short:

-No cumulative safety testing done prior to licensing!

-Zero gold standard safety testing done!

-No carcinogenic or mutagenic capacity testing done (even though the substances contain animal DNA and carcinogens)!

-And lastly, no route of exposure research to determine effective safe limits of ingredients.

Multiple Vaccines Given at Once

Not only are vaccines not tested like other drugs, children can receive as many as 9 doses in one doctor visit. Would you want to take that many vaccines? Should we trust blindly that injecting that much medication into a tiny baby at one time is safe?

To restate, there has never been one study that proves it’s safe to inject multiple vaccines at once. Not one study.

In addition, there is a limit to how much foreign material our bodies can handle before genetic damage occurs. Each person has his own unique genetic blueprint which responds to foreign substances differently and yet the CDC mandates the same exact vaccine schedule across the board for every infant. Some people can’t take antibiotics. Some people can’t eat peanut butter. Should we mandate them to anyway?

Are Vaccines Safe? Not According to Government and IOM

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) and the government clearly state vaccines are not safe. The IOM states “No vaccine is perfectly safe or effective, and vaccines may lead to serious adverse effects in some instances.” In addition, the supreme court ruled vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe”.

If your child suffers harm caused by a vaccine, you and you alone will be left to care for your child.

We Need Answers Before Mandates

These are our babies! We have every right to question EVERYTHING regarding their health and safety— specifically products we inject that can have serious side effects.

The CDC owns over 20 vaccine patents and is also in a position to encourage state mandates and set guidelines for vaccination. No company or government agency that is a financial benefactor of a product should ever be allowed to mandate anything and be backed by law. Especially when those products involve risks (no matter how small) to the citizens on the receiving end of the mandates.

Until the CDC can answer these three questions with sound science, they have no right to force you or your child to inject any vaccine.

1)Do vaccines cause autism?

2) How do total health outcomes of those vaccinated compare to those who are unvaccinated?

3) Is the CDC’s mandated vaccine schedule safe?

The bottom line is the CDC won’t  and can’t answer these questions. We cannot trust them when it comes to vaccines or other prescription drugs.

Even if they could answer these questions, it remains your God given right to decide what goes into your body. Especially when it involves risks, including DEATH!

What do you think? Are vaccines safe?