Government Corruption and Conflicts of Interest

Government’s Role in Public Health

As of March 11, 2015, there were 110 bills sweeping across the US centering on vaccination and it seems a new bill or more are added daily. Most legislation wants to remove all religious and philosophical exemptions, leaving only a medical exemption. Medical exemptions must be written by a medical doctor (M.D.) and are very difficult to obtain.

Due to stringent CDC guidelines, allergic reactions and febrile seizures following vaccination will not be enough to obtain a medical exemption in most cases. If you are lucky enough to get an exemption, it may only be for that one vaccine which caused the reaction, leaving your already vulnerable child open for further adverse events from vaccines which may contain many of the same harmful additives which caused the first reaction.

As of late, the government is far reaching in their power grabs at our sovereign rights. It is ok for a government to “encourage”, “recommend”, and “advise” certain medical procedures while ostensibly looking out for the public, but they have no right to mandate or force medical procedures such as vaccines on the public.

Vaccine mandates violate our rights to freedom and sovereignty. There was a reason the Nuremburg Code was written after WWII, and mandating vaccines clearly violates this code. Decisions regarding vaccination should rest solely with the parent and their physician.

It should be the role of the government to ensure we have safe drinking water, proper sanitation, and a safe food supply. It is not the role of the govt. to mandate unsafe medical procedures on the populace. Our government has failed to protect the public health from GMOs and their known, studied, adverse effects on our health; they allow fluoridation of our water (a known neuro-toxin which was used by Hitler on concentration camp victims in WWII); and they have approved thousands of unsafe drugs that have killed hundreds of thousands of people, before they are pulled off the market.

Merck’s drug Vioxx is a great example of this. This drug killed 500,000 people before being recalled, and significantly shifted the mortality stats during its term. The govt. has allowed chemicals in our food like aspartame, MSG, and pesticides, all of which have been linked to serious adverse health effects and cancer. In fact, they are constantly introducing legislation to keep you in the dark about these harmful substances; hence, all the GMO battles. If the govt. truly cared about our health, don’t you think they would stop passing laws that keep us from being healthy?

Now the current govt. is using this ruling in the ABSENCE of a true health emergency, as their basis to force vaccinate everyone. This is illegal. The morality of forcing others to inject themselves to “protect” others must be weighed equally against the morality of mandating medical procedures known to cause injury and death on healthy individuals.

The govt. has paid $3.5 Billion to vaccine inured families, despite throwing out 4 out of 5 cases brought to them by grieving families. A society that protects fundamental human rights would never discriminate based on genetic predisposition by mandating a procedure with known risks. The govt. has failed to provide rigorous unbiased science on vaccine safety, and thus, the decision to vaccinate must lie with the parent or individual, not the state!

Also, throughout the years, and since pharma has been granted immunity, the vaccine schedule has exploded and so have the profits. Schedule increased.

Please contact your members of Congress and ask them for an investigation into the manufactures of vaccines, their adjuvants, excipients, and growing mediums before any mandates go out that we must vaccinate our kids by law. We deserve that kind of transparency and not bureaucratic, corporate, and media spin.

Informed Consent

Informed consent is agreeing to undergo any medical procedure, such as vaccines, clinical trials etc, after being counseled or receiving all material information regarding the risks, benefits and alternatives to that treatment.

Medical professionals are denying full informed consent when they do not show a parent a vaccine insert, disclosing all the numerous dangerous side effects associated with the vaccine, as well as all the ingredients. The knowledge that these products do in fact kill and injure some is enough to allow for informed consent.

Physicians, in the American Medical Association Code of Ethics, affirm philosophical and religious exemptions for themselves. See Opinion 9.133 Routine Universal Immunization of Physicians. Parents should have that same right and should not be discriminated against by our own government.

CDC, Pharma, and Political Corruption

Despite the evidence that vaccines can cause neurological damage, the CDC and Pharma continue to outwardly deny any link between autism and vaccines. They repeatedly rely on studies done by Dr. Paul Thorsen, the CDC scientist involved in 21 out of the 24 studies claiming there is no link between vaccines and autism. Mr. Thorsen currently tops the federal most wanted list for 22 counts of wire fraud and money laundering, and faces 260 years in jail. Hardly a credible source of information and further demonstrates the corruption of the CDC. It’s always best to follow the money to reveal such corruption.

Money magazine did an investigation of the booming vaccine industry in 1996 and it was estimated that vaccine revenues were over $1 billion annually in the U.S. alone.

In 2011, at least $5.7 Billion was given to vaccine manufactures by the US Govt. just for childhood vaccines.

Further contract information delineating money given by the U.S. Govt. to manufacturers of vaccines:

Company Contract Amount
Sanofi Pasteur 200-2011-38199 $1,142,400,000.00 [10]
GlaxoSmithKline 200-2011-38201 $786,456,400.00 [11]
Merck 200-2011-38200 $1,704,454,000.00 [12]
Novartis 200-2011-38204 $451,660,000.00 [13]
Pfizer 200-2011-38203 $1,652,570,000.00 [14]
MassBiologics 200-2011-38202 $11,250,000.00 [15]
Total  $5,748,790,400.00

After the continued push for yearly influenza vaccines on everyone, including unstudied pregnant women, as well as vaccines such as Gardasil and Prevnar, the global vaccine market has enjoyed a decidedly solid boost in revenue, and has now soared to $27 billion.

In the past 5 years, drug makers have paid the U. S. Government $19.2 billion in criminal and civil fraud penalties. Skepticism of the pharmaceutical industry is well deserved. Every single pharmaceutical company has pled guilty to fraud in the last few years- every single one.

CDC whistleblower, Dr. William W. Thompson, PhD, a Senior Scientist, has admitted the 2004 paper entitled “Age at first measles-mumps-rubella vaccination in children with autism and school-matched control subjects: a population-based study in metropolitan Atlanta,” which has been repeatedly used by the CDC to deny any link of vaccines to autism, was a fraud. Here is a link to the study

Dr. Andrew Wakefield was stripped of his medical license and attacked for publishing a study linking vaccines to autism. It appears anyone who presents the truth, or even wants to have a conversation about the safety of what’s being injected into our children, risks their entire professional careers.

Follow the Money

In addition to the controversy surrounding the credibility of the CDC, pharmaceutical companies make campaign contributions (glorified bribes) to elected officials, thus encouraging them to pass more stringent laws regarding vaccination. How can our law makers be objective when it comes to passing laws mandating vaccines when they receive thousands from the manufacturers of those vaccines?

There is also a revolving door between the CDC and Pharma. In fact, the former CDC Director is now President of Merck’s vaccine unit

This list goes on and on and it is common for people to be offered jobs making them millionaires and the conflicts of interest run rampant at the CDC. Those same people, who are regulating and promoting vaccines, are also evaluating their safety.

In short, the legislative corruption runs deep. The documentary “BOUGHT” demonstrates this well.


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