SB277 Shoots Down Parental Rights in CA

California’s Disneyland opened its’ gates to more than just excited children and families this year. The famous theme park had an unwelcome visitor, the measles.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there were a total of 169 measles cases in 20 different states during the widely sensationalized outbreak. That’s about 1 case per every 2 million people. Not one person died and there were no reports of serious complications from the illness, and yet the way the media covered it, you’d think it was Ebola.

No Deaths From Measles in US for 14 Years

In fact, the U.S. hasn’t seen a death from the measles in an non-vaccinated person since 2003. So why all the hoopla? Well, my friends, because a new bill was on the horizon, Senate Bill 277 (SB277). A bill requiring all children be vaccinated to attend school, unless there was a medical reason not to be.

And it wasn’t just about California’s SB277; we saw an epidemic of bills sweeping across America regarding vaccination. These bills, all similar in verbiage, were all designed to remove philosophical and religious exemptions to vaccinations. This would force parents to vaccinate their children with products containing carcinogens, and other toxic material, thus, stripping them of their rights to parental choice regarding medical procedures with known risks.

There were approximately 110 bills introduced in 36 states, at the same time SB277 was moving through the legislative process.

Senators With an Agenda

California Senators Richard Pan and Ben Allen authored SB 277, legislation requiring all children to have every vaccine on the CDC schedule, or the children won’t be allowed in public school. This appeared to be a knee-jerk reaction to the glorified Disney outbreak that was played up by the media.

Many parents, both pro and anti-vaccine, were outraged over this new bill. California’s vaccination rates are at an all time high so blaming the outbreak on the non-vaccinated simply didn’t make sense.

The state of California currently has immunization rates at or above the national average. In fact, over the last year, the number of personal belief exemptions has decreased due to another bill Senator Pan authored in 2012, AB2109, which made it more difficult to get a personal belief exemption by requiring parents to meet with a medical doctor before they could opt out of vaccines for their children to attend school.

Despite decreasing exemptions and higher vaccination rates, Senator Pan continues to blame non-vaccinated school children for recurring outbreaks. This blame game continues even after CDC reported the outbreak was most likely started from someone visiting California from another country, possibly the Philippines.

California currently enjoys a 96.1% vaccination rate for the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine, (MMR) which more than meets what CDC claims is necessary to protect the population. So why force vaccines on every child? It appears there may be some conflicts of interest with these senators, who both received hefty sums from Pharmaceutical companies.

Parents Outraged at Tyrannical Bill

Parents upset about the bill stated vaccines are not proven to be as safe and effective as the CDC likes to tout.  It seems the Institute of Medicine is in agreement with the parents on this one, stating “No vaccine is perfectly safe or effective, and vaccines may lead to serious adverse effects in some instances.”

Also, the U. S. Supreme Court declared vaccines “unavoidably unsafe” and established the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), in 1986, which makes pharmaceutical companies immune from any and all liability for their products.

If vaccines were 100% safe, why would the Vaccine Adverse Reporting System (VAERS) exist, where over 30,000 vaccine reactions have been reported? 2,000-4,000 of these annual vaccine injuries are severe side effects that lead to hospitalization, permanent disability and death. And why has the federal court awarded around 3.5 BILLION dollars to victims of vaccine injury?

Vaccine Schedule has Tripled

The exploding vaccine schedule which has more than tripled in the last twenty years has coincided with increased cancer, autism, learning disabilities and chronic illness in America’s youth. Parents have begun questioning if vaccines containing known neurotoxins like aluminum and mercury, as well as known carcinogens, are really valuable to their children’s development.

Vaccines are not tested for carcinogenic effects and cancer is now the leading cause of death in U.S. children past infancy. Is the CDC turning a blind eye to a possible link between injecting known carcinogens into the bloodstream of children and cancer?

People know that if carcinogenic foods are consumed, the foods can cause cancer. Why would injecting carcinogens into the bloodstream be any safer? If there is but one right a person should have, it’s the right to decide what is injected into the bodies of his or her self and children.

There are Better Ways to Fight Illness

Perhaps health doesn’t necessarily come at the end of a syringe. There are many natural interventions that help the body fight infections and some parents believe it is better for the body to be supported through nutrition and natural supplements, than injecting harmful pathogens and toxins into it.

Many people have healed themselves from cancer and other diseases naturally, while forgoing toxic chemotherapy and prescription drugs, discovering that poisoning an already sick body goes against nature and further weakens the immune system. Toxic vaccines could be weakening the immune system as well.

Those who object to SB277 and other mandatory vaccination laws believe the bills are unconstitutional and a violation of their rights to life and liberty; and denying children their rights to an equal education is discrimination.

When it comes to vaccination, who calls the shots? Some parents believe it is they who have that right and are angry with a government that is forcing toxic substances on their children when there is no true health emergency in this country. The real crisis is cancer, chronic auto-immune disease, and autism.  Maybe it IS parents, after all, who know what is best for their children.

Are forced vaccines really the answer for boosting immunity? Or, is the public being lied to? Should people have the right to choose nature over a vaccine? If people abdicate the sovereignty over their own bodies, where will it end?

To get involved in helping stop mandatory vaccination bills, visit for information about the bills in each state.


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