Natural Immunity vs. Artificial Immunity

In today’s world, we live among a stream of toxins in the air, water, and food supply. Add to that, prescription and non-prescription drugs, chemicals in cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, etc, which are all toxic. Even too much WiFi is found to have adverse effects on us.

All these mediums weaken the human organism and create chronic illness and eventual death. Vaccines differ from all the above-mentioned because they bypass our natural route of exposure and are injected directly into our bloodstream. Injecting toxic substances and bypassing our normal wall of protection, sets the immune system up for hyper-stimulation and autoimmunity.

Benefits vs. Risks

It is commonly said that “the benefits of vaccinations far outweigh the risks”, but do statistics back up those claims? There is a big difference in getting an infectious disease and dying from one. In fact, the last measles death in the US was in 2003 until such time as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) decided to attribute a VACCINATED immuno-compromised woman’s death to measles in 2015. This was conveniently during the time the Disneyland Measles fiasco was going on and there were 110 bills across 36 different states with the same language to removed vaccine exemptions.  Interesting how that happens.

Of course, it is unknown if that death was caused by the vaccine-strain of the measles or the wild-form of measles, but we do know the woman was vaccinated. Apparently, the woman actually died from pneumonia and the measles was detected during an autopsy. The woman’s name was conveniently not released. The media and the CDC often over play these stories and then later the truth comes out. For instance, her vaccination status was left out the first time the story was released.

Vaccines do infect people with the diseases they are purported to protect against. Not only can the vaccine give you the disease, it can kill you. There have been 108 deaths from the Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) vaccine reported in the last 10 years through the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). It doesn’t appear the benefits clearly outweigh the risks.

Are We Really Vaccinating for Deadly Diseases?

The CDC claims these are all “deadly diseases”, but most of these illnesses if caught in childhood, are mild infections that actually strengthen the immune system. Vaccines only grant temporary, unproven, artificial immunity, if any, while getting chicken pox or measles naturally will grant the gift of life-long immunity.

You will never have life-long immunity from the vaccine (hence the requirement of boosters). Even if the vaccine itself causes you to get a disease, you can still become infected again in the future. Perhaps mother nature knows what she’s doing after all.

Right to Choose Natural Immunity over Artificial Immunity

Shouldn’t we have a right to choose how we wish to treat our own bodies when sick? The official practice of medicine has only been around since about 1847. Before that, there were homeopathic physicians/doctors (as early as 1789), homeopathic hospitals (1825), and the establishment of the American Institute of Homeopathy in 1841. To say modern medicine has had a horrible track record would be an understatement. There was an incredible long list of medical horror stories on a site in the UK, that has been “conveniently” taken down, just like many other sources outing big pharma. There are almost 800,000 people a year who die from various medical practices in the US. It is now quite evident that the medical association is the leading cause of death and injury in the U.S. (Death By Medicine). Where’s the legislation for safer medical practice?

Natural medicine is under-siege, as pharmaceutical lobbyists are constantly urging lawmakers to deprive Americans of the benefits of dietary supplements. The propaganda that has infected the popular consciousness of mainstream America is like a disease that will not die. The most recent article I read said doctors now say breastfeeding is not natural. Really? Your right to choose health over medicine is under attack.

–Naturally Acquired Illness Strengthens Overall Immunity

Could messing with what mother nature has going be a mistake? Research shows naturally caught measles infers lifelong immunity and the vaccine does not. Mumps and measles used to be considered generally mild diseases before the vaccines were invented and marketed. These naturally occurring diseases serve the vital purpose of strengthening the immune system in order to prevent future illnesses.

In addition, people who do not contract these illnesses in childhood are more likely to develop degenerative diseases later in life. For example, if a person does not contract mumps and measles at a young age, there is the possibility (regardless of vaccination status) of contracting them as a teenager or adult. Contracting these diseases as an adult can result in much more serious complications.

Most of these early childhood illnesses are self limiting. For example, anyone who has them once, has a natural immunity against them throughout the rest of his or her life. As Dr Viera Scheibner, phD, who has studied over 100,000 pages of vaccine research says “natural immunity is the only true immunity.” When you consider most vaccines do not grant immunity for more than 2-10 years, you can’t really repudiate that statement.

Measles Actually Good for You

According to an article in the January 5, 1985 issue of the Lancet, destruction of the measles virus takes place in the “spots” for which measles is known. This article titled “Measles Virus Infection without Rash in Childhood is related to Disease in Adult Life,” warns that when the measles vaccine prevents the spots and fever from occurring, the measles virus is not destroyed, and can stay in the body. Because of this, people who did not develop an adequate measles rash as a child were found to be more likely to develop degenerative and immune-reactive diseases such as sebaceous skin disease, tumors, degenerative disease of the bone and cartilage, cervical cancer, skin cancers and cases of multiple sclerosis.

There is strong evidence that the body’s natural defense against the measles virus is a training session to develop the immune system for the challenges that lay ahead. So there is evidence that when vaccines interfere with the body’s natural efforts, degenerative and autoimmune diseases are more likely to occur. Measles infections have been shown to cure cancer: Woman’s cancer in remission after measles virus .

“The history of measles affecting cancer can be traced back to the 1970s, when children in Uganda who were suffering from hematologic cancers were naturally infected with the measles virus and subsequently showed signs of regression.” Here is another example: Mayo Clinic Using Measles Virus to Battle Cancer. And another one: Regression of Burkitt’s lymphoma in association with measles infection.

Vaccines Increase Chance of Reinfection

According to Walene James’s book Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth, “if immunity comes from a vaccination, the chance of reinfection is 80 percent.” However, you are only “3.2%” likely to get a reinfection if you acquire the illness naturally.

The body has its own methods of defense. If a body is properly nourished, it will not succumb to infections, but when vitality is low and an infection occurs, the body is equipped to deal with it in almost all cases.

Vaccines bypass your natural immune system; they merely make your body create an antibody and put the cellular part of your immune system to sleep. Whereas, getting an infection naturally, awakens your entire immune system for full fighting capability. There is certainly nothing natural about a vaccine, including the claim that they grant immunity.

Natural Remedies for Illness

There are many natural interventions that help the body fight infection such as Lysine, Vitamin A, cannabis, Vitamin C IV, Homeopathy, chelation therapy, chiropractics, and fasting, just to name a few. Many people have been able to reverse vaccine damage by using natural therapies.

It is much better for the body to be supported through nutrition and natural supplements, than to inject harmful pathogens and toxins into it. There are many keys to a healthy immune system. Eating plenty of organic fresh vegetables, getting adequate clean water, rest, sunshine and minerals, are all part of keeping the body running well. Herbs can also be a great natural remedy for many ailments. None of these will damage a body and will only help assist the body in what it does best.

In short, a strong, healthy, pure, untouched immune system is key to fighting any illness.  At the end of the day, it’s the immune system which has to overcome illness, and it is your fundamental right to choose your own immune system over a vaccine.

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