I Live in a Country

I live in a country where my child can submit to an abortion and a vaccination without my knowledge or consent. However, if that same child does not want to undergo chemotherapy, she will be taken away from me and forced to undergo modern day poisoning by the state.

I live in a country where I’m allowed to smoke and drink and destroy my health because I’m “free”, but I cannot use a natural mineral to cure disease or I could be jailed.

I live in a country where it’s legal to spray cancer-causing pesticides on the food my family eats and it’s legal to put the neurotoxin fluoride in my drinking water. But if I want to boost my children’s immunity with vit A and C, instead of vaccines, my children will be kicked out of school.

I live in a country where it’s legal to kill my unborn child, but once that child is a citizen, I am no longer viewed as the best person to make decisions for that child.

I live in a country where I could be fired from my job for refusing a flu shot that is only 18% effective and loaded with the neurotoxin mercury.

I live in a country owned by pharmaceutical companies and my children have been sold for profit. I am a slave. A slave to corporate America. My children are not mine. They belong to the state.

BUT, I live in a country that was founded on freedom and liberty. That blood still runs through me. The desire to be free. If you are afraid to stand up to your government, then it is time to replace that government.

When you live in fear, you have tyranny. When the government fears you, you have liberty. Stand up and the country I just described can be changed. We the people must change it. We cannot rely on the politicians to do what’s right anymore because they are all bought and owned and they are selling us out too. Stand up to the bullying and discrimination from our own government and take this country back! It belongs to the people, not greedy drug companies!


About Landee Crier

Landee Crier has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a focus on research methods. She is a wife and mother to 3 children. After noticing some serious reactions following her children's routine vaccinations, she questioned her medical doctor who refused to acknowledge any connection. Subsequently, her youngest son went into anaphylactic shock following a DTaP vaccination. At that point, Landee started researching heavily and discovered the many dangers of vaccines. Since, she has become well versed on vaccine medical research and has been uncovering the lies and questionable motives of both drug companies and politicians. She is passionate at getting the truth out to as many people who will listen.

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