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The following list of books are some of the best books out there if you really are on the fence about vaccination and want facts and research to support your decisions. I started with Dissolving Illusions first. This book goes into the history of vaccination and will help explain what happened at the turn of the century that has brought us here today. I personally have read every one of these books and highly recommend them all if you are starting down the rabbit hole for truth. Another incredible docu-series I recommend you watch is The Truth About Vaccines.




The Truth About Vaccines

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This is particularly dramatic for children. In Germany for example, the number of vaccines given within the first year of life has risen from 6 to 34 since 1976! Parallel to this, the number of chronic illnesses in children has exploded. Among these are: rheumatism, cancer, various allergies, susceptibility to infections and behaviour manifestations such as ADD or ADHD.

Vaccines Revealed Docu-series