The Rules

Let Me Make Sure I Understand the Rules

1) If I question the safety of vaccines, I’m told I’m not a doctor and I have no right, even though I’m the PARENT and I’m the one who cares about my child, not money.
2) If a doctor questions the safety of vaccines, he or she is a “quack” and should be stripped of his/her medical license.
3) If I want to kill my unborn child, I have that right because it’s MY BODY, but once that child is born, he/she belongs to the state, and I cannot choose what’s best for that child, even though I’m the one who loves him or her and I don’t care about money, only my child.
4) AND I can abort my child, but if I don’t, I am forced to inject that child with other aborted children so the corporations can make money.
5) My child, who is not contagious and has no disease, cannot attend public school, but other children who have HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Hep B, and recently vaccinated children who shed and spread disease, can attend school without question, and are protected by the CA Constitution.
6) If I score 18% on a test, that’s considered an epic failure, but the flu shot, which is only 18% effective, is “recommended” for my health.
7) If my child dies or has a severe reaction following a vaccination, it’s just a coincidence and I cannot spare my other children the potential same outcome.
8) Vaccines do not cause autism or any other auto-immune disease, even though it’s listed on the package insert as a side effect.
9) Vaccines have nothing to do with high Infant Mortality Rates, even though other countries who don’t have as many vaccines, have lower infant deaths.
10) I must inject my child to protect another child who is supposed to be protected.
Feel free to join in and add!!!
That’s my Rant for today!!!

About Landee Crier

Landee Crier has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a focus on research methods. She is a wife and mother to 3 children. After noticing some serious reactions following her children's routine vaccinations, she questioned her medical doctor who refused to acknowledge any connection. Subsequently, her youngest son went into anaphylactic shock following a DTaP vaccination. At that point, Landee started researching heavily and discovered the many dangers of vaccines. Since, she has become well versed on vaccine medical research and has been uncovering the lies and questionable motives of both drug companies and politicians. She is passionate at getting the truth out to as many people who will listen.

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