Vaccine Dangers Exposed by Doctors and Scientific Studies

The Science is in! We’ve all heard it before. NO need to look at any independent science (not funded by the pharmaceutical industry). The medical and public consensus is that vaccines are “safe and effective” for most people. But are they? Are there any vaccine danger studies out there? If there are, we sure aren’t hearing about them from mainstream media. Could it be because all the major media outlets rely on huge ad dollars from pharmaceutical companies? The reality is, there are plenty of scientists against vaccines and numerous vaccine dangers exposed in their research.

In addition, there is plenty of science to support a decision not to vaccinate. There are hundreds of doctors and scientists who support informed consent when it comes to vaccination. In fact, most do! The question we should be asking here is why are the media and the American Academy of Physicians (AAP) so against a commission on vaccine safety? Who wouldn’t want safe vaccines right? It’s clear they do not want vaccine dangers exposed. Why is it that anyone who even questions the safety of vaccines is called a loon or a quack? Labeling those who question in attempt to divide people should be a red flag. In light of the recent push for more and more vaccine mandates, the division has become more pronounced. In credible research, we’ve seen vaccine dangers exposed to a high level and this research is garnering high level attention.

Vaccine Safety Commission Formed

On February 14, 2017, the Vaccine Safety Commission was launched. This commission is a non-profit organization formed by concerned doctors, scientists, journalists, and parents. To date, this group chooses to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation and has no direct ties to anti-vaccine activist, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. or President Donald Trump.

You can’t blame them for their anonymity at this point considering what’s been happening to those who have even dared to have a question about vaccine mandates. Just recently, a Harvard educated science reporter named Mish Micheals was fired over her testimony before a Massachusetts legislature in 2011 regarding a bill that would add parental choice to the list of reasons children can attend school without vaccines.

In addition to the Vaccine Safety Commission, there’s another group formed recently in CA calling themselves Physicians for Informed Consent. This is a group of doctors speaking out about the importance of keeping vaccines voluntary like other prescriptions drugs. The goal of both these organizations is to have vaccine dangers exposed and brought to light.

It appears even President Trump is concerned about keeping vaccines safe. Perhaps he too wants vaccine dangers exposed. A wonderful editorial in the British Medical Journal, by Associate Editor Dr. Peter Doshi points out that journalists need to stop the labeling of everyone who is concerned about vaccine safety as anti-vaccine. Furthermore, doctors shouldn’t excuse patients’ concerns because the medical association agrees they are “safe and effective”.

Scientists Against Vaccines

Dr. Boyd Haley

Boyd Haley is a respected biochemist and Professor of Chemistry at the University of Kentucky. Due to his years of vaccine research, Dr. Haley has taken a hard stance against mercury in vaccines. In fact, he was one of the first scientists to argue that thimerosal in vaccines could be responsible for the rise in autism. He also pioneered research connecting Alzheimer’s Disease to mercury.

Haley has done additional research that shows using several substances, one of which is the commonly prescribed antibiotics, actually increases the toxicity of thimerosal. This concept is known as “synergistic toxicity”.  Further research he’s done in collaboration with others on mercury analysis on birth-hair reveals people with autism represent a genetic subset of society who cannot effectively eliminate mercury from their bodies.

Time and time again Dr. Haley has challenged pro-vaccine loud mouth Dr. Paul Offit to an open debate about vaccines, but Mr Offit has repeatedly declined. Offit once made the ignorant statement that vaccines were so safe a baby could safely receive 10,000 vaccines at once.

Nancy Turner Banks, M.D.

Banks is a Harvard trained medical doctor and an award winning author. During her 25 years of practice as an obstetrician and gynecologist, she became astutely aware of how the pharmaceutical industry controls allopathic medicine, specifically targeting women and children.

Furthermore, she learned how the industry uses propaganda more than science to “medicalize” everyday normal processes so that drug therapy can be promoted in the name of profit. Sadly, she learned how the industry used it money to suppress new healing medical discoveries. Furthermore, she learned through original medical journal reports about deception and fraud. The pharmaceutical industry intentionally suppressed information regarding the adverse effects of pharmaceuticals of all kinds, including vaccines.

The following is a list of more doctors and scientists who have concerns about vaccines taken from Greater Good :

“This list was created by Leslie Manookian of The Greater Good in collaboration with Anne Dachel of Age of Autism.

  1. Shizuo Akira, MD, PhD
  2. David Amaral, PhD, MIND Institute, UC-Davis
  3. François-Jérôme Authier, Professor, PhD
  4. David Ayoub, MD, Radiologist
  5. Anne-Catherine Bachoud-Levia, PhD
  6. Toni Bark, MD
  7. David S. Baskin, PhD
  8. Denis Bedoret, PhD
  9. Russell Blaylock, MD, CCN, former clinical assistant professor of neurosurgery at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, MS. and is currently a visiting professor of biology at  Belhaven University, Jackson, MI
  10. Mary Ann Block, DO
  11. T. Bobrowicz, PhD
  12. Kenneth Bock, MD
  13. Marie-Françoise Boissea, PhD
  14. Subbarao Bondada, PhD
  15. Jeff Bradstreet, MD
  16. Pierre Brugierese, PhD
  17. Julie Buckley, MD
  18. Thomas Burbacher, MD
  19. Fabrice Bureau, PhD
  20. Rashid Buttar, DO, FAAPM, FACAM, FAAIM
  21. Stephanie F. Cave, MS, MD, FAAFP
  22. E. Cernichiari, PhD
  23. Pierre Cesaroa, PhD
  24. Lakshman Chelvarajan
  25. T. Chen, PhD
  26. Xavier Chevalierf, PhD
  27. Shiv Chopra, MSc, PhD
  28. Stephanie Christner, DO
  29. T. Clarkson, PhD
  30. John Barthelow Classen, MD
  31. Cevayir Coban, PhD
  32. Maryline Couettea
  33. Andy Cutler, PhD (research chemist)
  34. Jeffrey Dach, MD
  35. Josep Dalmau, MD, PhD
  36. Vicky DeBold, PhD, RN
  37. Jamie Deckoff-Jones, MD
  38. Christophe J Desmet, PhD
  39. Mary Catherine DeSoto, PhD
  40. Richard Deth, PhD
  41. J.G. Dórea, PhD
  42. Peter Doshi, PhD Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
  43. M. Duszczyk, PhD
  44. Steven Edelson, MD, Director of the Autism Research Institute in San Diego
  45. (The late) Mayer Eisenstein, MD
  46. (The late) Frank Engley Jr. PhD
  47. Håkan Eriksson, PhD
  48. Christopher Exley, PhD
  49. Carl Feinstein, MD
  50. Peter Fletcher, PhD, former Chief Scientific Officer, at the UK Department of Health
  51. Lisa Freund, PhD
  52. Paula A. Garay, PhD
  53. Robert F. Garry, PhD
  54. Thomas V. Getchell, PhD
  55. Romain K. Gherardi, Professor,  head of the department of Histology, Henri Mondor hospital, Paris, Neuropathologic and Clinical activities at the Neuromuscular Disease Reference Center, and is coordinator of the Department of Neurosciences INSERM
  56. Beatrice Golomb, PhD, MD
  57. Jay Gordon, MD
  58. K.S. Grant, PhD
  59. John Green, MD
  60. Boyd Haley, PhD
  61. Richard Halvorsen, MD
  62. Diane Harper, MD, MPH, MS
  63. (The late) Bernadine Healy, MD
  64. Martha Herbert, MD, PhD, Professor of neurology at Harvard Medical
  65. Laura Hewitson, PhD
  66. Robert T. Hitlan, PhD
  67. Amy Holmes, MD
  68. Brian Hooker, PhD
  69. Mady Hornig, PhD
  70. Suzanne Humphries, MD
  71. Mark Hyman, MD
  72. Philip Incao, MD
  73. Ken J Ishii, PhD
  74. Emmanuel Ittie, PhD
  75. Dr. Jill James, PhD
  76. Bryan Jepson, MD
  77. Archie Kalokerinos, MD
  78. Jerry Kartzinel, MD
  79. Matthew S. Kayser, MD
  80. Marcel Kinsbourne, PhD
  81. Kouji Kobiyama, PhD
  82. Sheldon B. Korones, MD
  83. Arthur Krigsman, MD
  84. Pierre Lekeux, PhD
  85. A. Lerner, PhD
  86. N. Liberato, PhD
  87. S.X. Lin, PhD
  88. Andrew D. Livingston, PhD
  89. Yushu Liu, PhD
  90. Brian J. Lopresti, PhD
  91. Kurt M. Lucin, PhD
  92. Patrick Maisona, PhD
  93. M. D. Majewska, PhD
  94. Jennifer Margulia, PhD
  95. Thomas Marichal, PhD
  96. N. Scott Mason, PhD
  97. A. Kimberley McAllister, PhD
  98. Jaquelyn McCandless, MD
  99. Susan McCreadie, MD
  100. (The late) Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, MD
  101. (The late) John Menkes, MD, Former head of pediatric neurology at UCLA Medical School. Menkes was also director of pediatric neurology at the Cedars-Sinai Medical  Center in Los Angeles.  In addition, he was a member of the Forum for Vaccine Safety with the National Institute of Medicine.
  102. Joseph Mercola, DO
  103. Claire Mesnil, PhD
  104. K. Meyza, PhD
  105. S. Midha, PhD
  106. P. Mierzejewski, PhD
  107. Donald W. Miller, Jr. MD
  108. Richard Moskowitz, MD
  109. Elizabeth Mumper, MD, Associate professor of clinical pediatrics at the University of Virginia
  110. Devi S. Nambudripod, MD
  111. Meryl Nass, MD
  112. C. Nelson, PhD
  113. E. Newell, PhD
  114. Raymond Obomsawin, MSc, PhD
  115. Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD
  116. Keiichi Ohata, PhD
  117. M. Olczak, PhD
  118. Dr. Mehmet Oz
  119. Larry Palevsky, MD
  120. Elodie Passeria, PhD
  121. Michael S. Petrik, PhD
  122. Jon Poling, MD
  123. Diana Popa, PhD
  124. Massroor Pourcyrous, MD
  125. Sandy Reider, MD
  126. (The late) Bernard Rimland, MD
  127. Aviva Jill Romm, MD
  128. Robert Rowen, MD
  129. Catherine Sabatel, PhD
  130. E. M. Sajdel-Sulkowska, PhD
  131. Bob Sears, MD
  132. Martyn A. Sharpe, PhD
  133. Chris Shaw, Professor, PhD
  134. DD Shen, PhD
  135. K. Vijendra Singh, PhD
  136. Yehuda Shoenfeld, MD, FRCP
  137. Peter Siesjö, PhD
  138. Ken Stoller, MD
  139. Carol Stott, PhD
  140. Arnold J. Stromberg, PhD
  141. Z. L. Sulkowski, PhD
  142. Louise Swarbrick, PhD
  143. Rena C. Tabata, PhD
  144. Sherri Tenpenny, DO
  145. Paul Thomas, MD
  146. Jaime Tomko, PhD
  147. Lucija Tomljenovic, PhD
  148. Anju Usman, MD
  149. Eva Vanamee, PhD
  150. Chiara Villac, PhD
  151. Andrew Wakefield,
  152. John Walker-Smith, Professor
  153. Judy Wilyman, PhD candidate
  154. Margaret C. Wong, PhD
  155. Tony Wyss-Coray, PhD
  156. V.C. Yang, PhD
  157. Amy Yasko, MD
  158. Edward Yazbak, MD
  159. Judy Van de Water, PhD, Immunology, UC Davis
  160. Chiara Villac, PhD
  161. Walter Zahorodny, PhD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
  162. A. M. Zavacki, PhD”

They Are the Brave Ones

The aforementioned names are those brave enough to stick their necks out and tell the truth about vaccines. There are no doubt countless others who are afraid to speak out for fear of losing their medical licenses or being black-balled by their peers. For example, AAP speaks out loudly regarding how they feel about vaccines and anyone who questions them.

 Why Doesn’t the AAP want Vaccine Dangers Exposed?

The AAP is all up in arms because Trump wants to make sure vaccines are safe. They issued a letter to the President on February 7, 2017, declaring the following:

Claims that vaccines are unsafe when administered according to expert recommendations have been disproven by a robust body of medical literature…we write to express our unequivocal support for the safety of vaccines.

The reality is, there is a robust amount of science published by esteemed researchers that question the safety of vaccines and therefore, the reckless statement made by the AAP is easily refuted.

Please note the aforementioned studies are but a portion of studies showing vaccines have risks and serious side effects.

Science is always self-correcting and no lie can live forever. As vaccine dangers are exposed concerns rise. As the suppressed truth about the dangers of vaccines comes to light, more and more people join the vaccine debate. When money is involved, and research is primarily funded by the pharmaceutical industry, safety results are obscure. However, with some digging and research of your own, you will quickly find there is much science exposing the dangers of vaccines. Once you see vaccine dangers exposed by all the credible doctors and science, you may question whether or not that next vaccine is really worth it.

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Dr. Nancy Banks, M. D.


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